Friday, December 28, 2012

Mom's Fitness Mantra

So I am at that stage, like many others who get haughtily told by their moms that they need to lose weight. Being "fat" is sinful. It undermines a person's luxury to savor food to the fullest, in others opinion (in this case my mom's). Meaning, if I were FAT and I enjoyed eating, I will be laughed at or labelled a glutton.
I'd describe it as a complex that forever leaves afflicted "obese" persons eyeing others for that acutely curvaceous figure, or a size-zero. But the size-zero phenomenon is a waste, as it'd make me stand out in a crowd like a bag of bones.
Owing to some great genes and tradition, I will be skinny, yet curvy. Now, my self-worth so depends on this, and going by mom's fitness mantra - "Eat healthy but exercise!" And since my exams are over, she will most likely re-double efforts to enforce the weight-loss strategy.
So I need to watch what I eat, scrutinise calories and cut down on carbs. I could do with some green-tea, a high-fibre diet, fresh greens and regular exercise. Skipping. Brisk walking. Some weight training sessions: dumb-bells, sand bags and what not...the remnants of my brother's body-building activities.
Laziness is a major hurdle that lurks inside me. Fiesty, it hisses and draws talons against anyone that invades my comfort-zone. At other times it lies dormant and switches to Garfield, the happy cat; characteristically feline and sneaky when it comes to exercise, and being partial to junk food.
So the drama begins, with mom as Umpire and guru. Three cheers to looking pretty!! *toast*

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