Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Temple of Thought...

The musings of a cynic...
the parody of a sinner
the reaper of Gains
a game amongst the shady
a carnival of troupe dancers
gaily fortunes and if
truth be told,
the sand and stone ......
't all turns but dusty.

(This was my status update on FB,
and I thought I'd share it as I'd written it,
Not quite so long ago.)

Been listening to the Album "Temple of Thought" by Poets of the Fall.
They're as colorful as ever, with "Skin" and "The Ballad of Jermiah Peacekeeper" being soulful, and personally my favorites. Apart from that I've finished watching Supernatural, Season 5. The surprising twists toward the end ensured that I watched it with fully wide-open eyes, quite aghast. I love it. =D

Hoped for a bit more of the demon-angel war and was disappointed with a few episodes of Season 6. Lost interest. The plot had been manipulated and stretched so much that one couldn't expect more outta it anyway. LOL. Yet to start watching "the Big Bang Theory" from scratch. Too lazy. So, shall cross that off my list too.

X - Attended a National Conference on Olfaction and E-nose, held in college.

X - Done with a Health Diagnostic report on HIV-AIDS, quoting references aka. bibliography.

X - Collected two research papers and gotta peruse them for the sake of a presentation.
One article is on the characterization of Jatropha (a biodiesel plant) based on molecular markers, and the other one on Olive cultivars using DNA-based marker selection.

Coming to the recent advances in my personal life, setting aside the professional bit of it - I've been on the edge, an orchestra of highs and lows, of symphonies and sharply quivering, alarming noises. Much so, due to the clashes and difference in opinion with near and dear ones, I regret it.

This one's for you Mom -

"that you're standing behind every word you say
To make my day slowly dawning
I want you to know you're the heart of my temple of thought..."