Saturday, February 18, 2012


A warm breath of fresh air,
Solace in the weather
The blaze of sunshine,
And a hint of fizz for
The feverishly parched.

Cedar juice with a
Gleam of champagne,
And a dancing dollop,
Of Vanilla, and two
Shots of cream...

Sipping a tantalizing appy-fizz in the heat of the summer, it feels ever so refreshing!
It's a furnace out there and within the confines of a shelter, it's like I'm being microwaved inside. Or just experiencing a bit of preheat in the oven.

I am not only sprouting boils by the heat, but also seething from within. And the rising temperature is only making it harder for me to think clearly. Brrrrrrr.

Friday, February 3, 2012


3rd February, 8:00 PM

Listening to a repertoire of 2000's most sassy music, "Lady (hear me tonight)" while sipping chilled 7 Seasons Mixed Fruit...

Indus. Indus. Indus. An overpowering dream of magnificent trees that lined the pavement to the girls' hostel. The white buildings, the ever-spreading green meadows, the smell of freshly-mowed grass, the earthy feel of the beautifully landscaped architecture of Indus...

And suddenly, I recall the times spent with my peers on the balcony overlooking the staff quarters, the explosion of giggles, the storms, girly pajama parties, squabbles, gossip nights - the charm and the glamor of those days. It had a quaint charm to it, like the warmth of the fireplace near the hearth.

Here's to my Sassy Sassy Indus Girls..

Love you all! May the Indus Eaglets soar the skies with their Might....