Saturday, January 28, 2012

Astrology.. Over a Cuppa Coffee

I have always been interested in the celestial dance that happens between galaxies, and phenomena of the cosmos. Astrology- an imprecise, tell-tale branch of science is home to both vedic and western astrologers. In every newspaper column, we find a section dedicated to horoscopes, moon-sign readings (which appears weekly), the yearly forecast which is presented on new year's and can be perused gaily over a steaming mug of morning coffee.

Although many of us wouldn't follow ambiguous forecasts like "you shall have prosperity in business and good fortune today", and "the stars predict a romantic ...blah blah", we do sometimes get a kick out of reading it. And in many cases, the opposite of what's been said happens.

The basis of astrology lies within the realms of calculations and shifts in the constellations and positions of planets in our natal chart. A natal chart, or birth chart consists of eight houses, with a planet in each of them. The mystery, and the Question Mark is therefore inevitable - can phenomena in space be correlated to events like taking up business partnerships in the office, or meeting new friends?

I was once riding to college on a blissful morning when my daily horoscope predicted "a day of accidents, burns" for a typical Arian like me. I met with a zooming vehicle and had ligament tears in my left knee, save no fractures. From this, and the fact that horoscopes do give good-natured advice which shouldn't be ignored at times. They often advice us to save money for a rainy day, be careful in business dealings, health issuess; they also give mild advice on interpersonal relationships and what the future has in store for us.

Astronomy takes us way back in time, to the philosophers of yore, the Greeks - as they gazed the night-sky through self-made telescopes, thereby discovering the nine planets, which are accepted even today...

I still have a lot that interests me in astrology. Will write more shortly. Adeiu! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Lazy Tuesday...

Today was another one of those mediocre days when you return home and blame the sultry heat, for putting you in a heavy slumber. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Chiming the stillness of time, as it sped up, slowed and stood still for brief moments and sped up my heartbeat for an eternity.

Another semester had approached at last. I was yet on "Page 1", a fresh scroll of parchment. With a feathered quill dipped in aquamarine bright blue ink, I gaily spotted a dot on the left-most margin of the page, where I was about to write another one of my philosophical Odyssey's.

My journey aka. voyage through student years has been insanely wild, having had a taste of everything, from dangerous water-sports to wild grass and escapades to places I had never been to before.

With a bit of remorse, sweet memoirs and hopeful curiosity, I dream of an other future - a promising one and probably more distant than the last, richer perspectives, of going places and scaling heights. I forever dream of longevity and stability in successes, from personal relationships to the sweet succor that a healthy profession brings to it.

SOP (the Statement of Purpose) is such a Gargantuan-three-lettered abbreviation, something to get scared of. I don't know where to start with, given my writer's block. One may call it absurd, seeing as I am better at putting down feelings on inanimate objects with just the right set of words. Aspirations at a new university is altogether a different one to write on, and to successfully charm the admissions officer. I would start by writing a mound of gibberish, and the reader would be "trolled". Yeah, I'd actually do that. LOL. 

On a serious note, I'd include a bit of light-hearted humor which would hopefully set me apart from the thousands of other aspiring students. Its all a play of words, a rhyme, a rollick. A play in the sand but it has to be Just the Right one.

Let's see how it goes, shall keep you posted!

Monday, January 16, 2012


A litany, a wish, not for long.
Sweet emotion, running strong,
A heart beating under the shade
of a tree...
Olives, and of men and mice,
Thou hath not struck a pretty vice,
Carnivals of imagination, crystal balls loom,
Tarot of fortune, and a destiny of Bloom,
Grim beneath the blue moon,
Crowing at the time, none too soon.
Amid the reeking incense and flame,
And the woods creaking thy name,
thy name...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Say It Right.

Today must be one of those days when one feels stupid for doing the little things, for showering kindness on people who don't deserve it. I was among the one-of-a-kind, had-been-there-done-all-types. Ended up wishing a friend "happy new year" when they least expected it, and felt like a douche, probably for just the right reasons.

In the end, its a tiny voice at the back of our minds which ignores the fork-tailed alter ego screaming "*itch! for revenge".

When your will is broken
When it slips from your hands
When there's no time for joking
There's a hole in the plan...

An evil-minded serial-cheater once said to me, "When you're out of the game - there are no rules!"