Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here's a list of memorable books, my personal  favourites... the ones I keep getting back to year after year.
1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
2. Jane Eyre
3. The Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
4. Gone With the Wind
5. The Godfather
6. Great Speeches that Changed the World
7. War and Peace
8. The Time-traveller's Wife
9. Like Water for Chocolate
10. House of the Spirits
11. Scarlett - sequel to GWTW
12. A few Harry Potter and Terry Goodkind novels
13. Rage of Angels
14. The Stars Shine Down
15. If Tomorrow Comes
16. The Sands of Time

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's...

My first post since new year's... Belated new year's to all!

Since my last post, I've been really busy to actually sit down, think and write from a fresher, newer perspective. I've been travelling to-and-fro the city and round about other places.

I met with people, mainly relatives or long-lost cousins whom I see on occasion such as these. I clicked lots of pictures - a glorious start to tireless, new photography sessions. It was 12 o'clock and late in the night to have celebrated the new year. But it was a fulfilling sleep that paid off, after having being lulled about here-and-there (my mom's doing). That's how my new year was spent...

Right now, its my house that's undergoing a bit of renovation. So, my place is bound to get dusty and quite unlivable-in until all the operations are done with. *argh* So much for cleanliness.

I will need tips on interior designing and some directions on how I must match the decor of my living-room with different colors. Deep aquamarine-blue remains my favorite and so, this color will form the focal points in my room (or so, I hope). I am quite aversed to lime-green and yellows, since they draw too much attention. And agitate a mind such as mine. Right now, I'm all in for a home-improvement-committee. *sarcasm*

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mom's Fitness Mantra

So I am at that stage, like many others who get haughtily told by their moms that they need to lose weight. Being "fat" is sinful. It undermines a person's luxury to savor food to the fullest, in others opinion (in this case my mom's). Meaning, if I were FAT and I enjoyed eating, I will be laughed at or labelled a glutton.
I'd describe it as a complex that forever leaves afflicted "obese" persons eyeing others for that acutely curvaceous figure, or a size-zero. But the size-zero phenomenon is a waste, as it'd make me stand out in a crowd like a bag of bones.
Owing to some great genes and tradition, I will be skinny, yet curvy. Now, my self-worth so depends on this, and going by mom's fitness mantra - "Eat healthy but exercise!" And since my exams are over, she will most likely re-double efforts to enforce the weight-loss strategy.
So I need to watch what I eat, scrutinise calories and cut down on carbs. I could do with some green-tea, a high-fibre diet, fresh greens and regular exercise. Skipping. Brisk walking. Some weight training sessions: dumb-bells, sand bags and what not...the remnants of my brother's body-building activities.
Laziness is a major hurdle that lurks inside me. Fiesty, it hisses and draws talons against anyone that invades my comfort-zone. At other times it lies dormant and switches to Garfield, the happy cat; characteristically feline and sneaky when it comes to exercise, and being partial to junk food.
So the drama begins, with mom as Umpire and guru. Three cheers to looking pretty!! *toast*

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Perks of Being a Gurl

It's that time of the year when we're on the verge of getting over with the semester. NOT the ideal time to cut slack (as my practical exams are still ON!). But here I am again. I'm sipping a choco mocca after trying out a new bubble bath (it was yummy and fresh with green-tea and citrus essence). And I used a hair-straightener on damp hair which is simply Rad!
I filed and cut my nails: a self-pedicure, used a softening cream and what not... ah, the perks of being a girl! I can pamper myself all I like. And wear pink things with polka dots and tiny hearts. That also gives me divine rights to "PMS" and yowl to glory, if I so choose to.
But SOMEBODY pleaseeee scream... Or slap me, make me smell fish! Oh no, I don't like fish smell. Just lecture me on exam preparation and time-management, and I must kick arse tomorrow (the EXAM)!
P.S. It just might help if you use sweet words, and do some polite nudging, here and there. Or I might scream, and you could be the reason to start another blog post with a vendetta.


I had been shopping with mom at the "home stop". There is still lots to be done like finding the right accessories, picking out matching curtains and stuff.
This sure seems hectic. I wonder how designers manage to keep their sanity and juggle deadlines on the go. The most irking part of this addictive and tiring affair is the time constraint and one's inability to choose between intangible assets and goods that are much needed; and the cluttered state the mind is put into. Think, for example when you want to buy that gorgeous crystal thingy as a mantle-piece and it just doesn't suit the decor.
The day out ended with a contemplation: whether to go for a movie now or later. However we didn't watch movies *sigh*, 'coz the tickets were unavailable or just that the shows had weird timings which didn't go well with us. I badly wanted to watch "the Hobbit, which was scheduled for 8:45 p.m. (I have an exam tomorrow :-!). Instead, I ate donuts to make myself feel better, then ate at subway and shopped some more. Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Okay. I'm not into jokes, the kind that start off and you never know where the punch-line is. Or rather WAS, as you realize the joke was on you!
Well 'scuse me. You were the dull one, the dumb one... having fallen for it. :P
My heart throbs for an imaginary knight in shining armour! Rhett Butler. Where art thou? And it's more than just a heart-ache. The skin on the back of my legs and arms hurt. I just epilated for the first time; it was a monstrous thing, really.
The whizzing machine with a thousand needles piercing the skin; biting and tearing barbarically into it. My epidermis is now more exposed and vunerable than ever. Atleast there had been an evergreen forest that had protected me; hair that always stood-on-end in wintry days like these! Now, I'm covered with tingling remnants, of what used to be hair-follicles. Now they are rashes.
Mental note: never epilate again, especially without a soothing aloe-gel on hand!
Coming to better things... Mom's back. She's gotten me a newer phone: android and not BB this time, from which I can blog. To add to that, there's this super-zoom bridge camera that shoots in RAW mode, rather like a DSLR but sans the lens-changing capabilities. It sure is the right thing for a rookie like me!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

my "otherwise"...

I've become what people call a "crying jag", and yet I don't know why. 
Maybe it's the chemistry (the oxytocin in the air), the atmosphere and the weather that is giving me the chills. I do sound self-obsessed when I say this. But a few days back, I was Darth Vader! Literally jeering at everyone and getting a kick out of everything. And all of a sudden now, here's my alter ego: Plain Jane with the Flu. -_-

Well, anyways I have been doing some poetry-hunting. And here's an unforgettable poem that was once taught to me in the world literature classroom, IB. :) 
It's simple, down-to-earth and longs for something; which is how I felt when its words touched me to the core. I had dedicated this poem to someone once, and it still remains one of my favorite poems.

I come
from an opposite country
to yours, where water spirals
and the moon waxes
my stars assemble in unfamiliar patterns
and I watch often
not traffic or television
but hour by hour the huge tide
absently fingering rocks and small shells
and the wet brown kelp
where fish go sliding through.

if you were with me now
on my favorite beach
we’d watch the distant seismograph
of silver peaks darkening to indigo
and walk on the breakwater
towards the harbor mouth,
disturbing the flocks of terns
that wheel up shrieking in slim wild voices
to land again behind us
renewing their conference. I would slip
my cold hand in your pocket,
you’d look at me and grin
and we would walk together quietly
right to the very end,
where big chained rocks hold back
the same Pacific ocean, lumbering in.

~Cilla McQueen, 2001

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beelzebub writes

I feel amazing, like super-charged! It's evil flowing in my veins; the spirits and banshees calling out my name... for demonic, dark desires. I'd drink human blood too, wanna be a Vampyre.
I am gonna be a evil, sarcastic bitch from now on, and get a kick outta everything!
No more sympathetic me.
I'm the Beelzebub that likes to write...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Angry young lady with a custard fetish.

I made custard.
the likes of which is yellow,
a milky-jello,
my mouth, a round “O”.
my buds need revival; 
good food, yore and 
more. It’s often me that 
chases pigeons nested by 
the building and makes a 
dog yowl, a yank of it's tail. 

Critters, I can’t help it, 
this is, me.
Embodiment, bold.
Au natural, a figurative cook;
mutton chops, cream tarts
and a custard fetish!