Monday, March 26, 2012

Turning 21

I was annoyed as i looked back at an inconsequential (or more rather, a shitty day) ...

A distinct cranky feeling arose from a bored nap in the library. The setting sun was a blinding gleam in the sky, and a sudden tide of dizziness and heat chafed me further. Slowly, I slipped into a cancerous crab-like shell of unspoken words and suppressed actions.

I had gotten red streaks in my hair and people told me it looked Sex-ay! I was enthused with compliments, but now I'd tied it into a messy pony-tail which defied the earlier perfectionism. I walked out of the library with an expression on my face as if someone had salted my tea, and poured it down my throat!  

Half an hour later, when I was almost about to reach home... I waited along the side walk - I'd run out of fuel to rev up the engine farther, to get closer to home.

I was dejected with mostly everything in sight, it was a primal instinct. From the muddy fur on my dog's back to the very roots of my hair, I was pissed, quite inwardly. The earliness or the lateness of it didn't bother me, what mattered more was how I'd exorcise a bleeding temper (my own) or make something of it.... turning 21 years old, is a hard game to live for a cynic!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's another brilliant Sunday, an ideally sweltering weather, where most of us are getting baked in this gigantic torpedo of hot air, blowing from every direction, in cascades 'round pillars and flag poles - all happening in slow motion.

Its getting warmer and warmer, and there are water-melon stalls down every street. I've not stepped out of the house even for a cool drink. Thinking of that, it gets me thirsty.

I was reading up on marijuana, as i was ever so curious about the carnage of health effects that this weed caused. I came across varying depictions on how weed, like tobacco causes similar problems and is aflout with carcinogens, more so than cigarette (some studies have claimed). The risk of heart attack is increased, and the pulse rate is higher upon smoking of weed. It lowers the systemic immunity of the body to make it more susceptible to infectious attacks and sexual fertility is reduced but doesn't render people completely barren.

THC in weed is the key ingredient responsible for the effects it produces. And the best way to extract the THC's is through the use of a vaporizer. Weed can be smoked through sheesha or a bong, cooked, baked and eaten in brownies, or can be used to make tea quite innocuously.

Much of the effects of this magical, ethereal, mystical drug is yet unknown. But the basic idea is that it destroys brain cells (which is a significant risk for children under 22 years of age), distorts perception of reality, and the common mundane things that more or less we know of.

Marijuana is legalized in Canada and is valued medicinally, and in terminal patients, to reduce their feeling of pain. It stimulates sense of hearing, smell, taste and touch. Ancient mystics and civilizations used this wonder drug in their rituals and day-to-day practices, for general well-being and relaxation. And it is said to improve creativity in some people, such as in writing and other works of art.

Friday, March 16, 2012


After finishing with the presentation that was due today, I realized that I must take some time out to reflect on the disparities in my imperative day-to-day indulgences, no matter how obscure. In short, I'd forgotten to stop and smell the roses, to let the waft of delicious, succulent imagination and creamy thoughts linger awhile... like they used to.
Rather like a fresh, medium-rare, pepper steak still flaming hot and fresh off the platter, with the greens, mashed potatoes and pepper sauce! Sounds simply yummy, I know...

The past few weeks have been unforgettable, of celebrations and roller-coaster rides to the moon and back again! Excitement has lurked at every corner and things have been hot and happenstance....
I've never stared off into space to "dream", its a jolly good world out there to visit, explore and have an amazing adventure....

Take me out like I'm a Domino!  <3 <3