Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On a Wednesday Morning...

Its a sunny morning and I am running late to college, again! The day started at 4:30 a.m. today. Weird, as I like my sleep. I'm an avid sleeper and foodie. Sleeping, talking and eating are the things that I am passionate about on a daily basis.
While I'm listening to Bon Jovi's "Always", a wreckingly beautiful song, my mind digs deeper and its all but melancholy. An energetic pumping of the heart. Am off to a wandering abode, and I rest my mind in a virtual reality. 
There's me besides a date palm and a golden-mauve beach, the sands reflecting time, nonetheless. And the sparkle of the ocean, reflecting day-light like tiny clusters of diamonds.
The track changes and trance music is playing and my thoughts change course, as swiftly as a river. They are now centered on the recent developments in my life. The moment of decision and the ignomy of it all. 
Life's beginning to feel rather like a "pressure cooker". Its all about fitting the mold and doing it "the proper way" so as to keep up appearances, be filled with propriety, knowing that you're determined to be incorrigible, a broken angel with emotions that can only change with time, tide or necessity. 
Rather nonchalant, I couldn't care less anymore and I'd rather go along with the ebb and force of a flowing river. 
It's Rihanna's "only girl in the world" and I am off to class now. Ciao...

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The smell of cocoa and
vanilla with the distinct
oakiness and texture
of white cream, as I
rubbed it into my skin.
I had little to do, I was
Solitary and as I looked
at the night sky, the
tiny dots were yellow.
"Look at the stars, look
How they shine for you..."