Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Okay. I'm not into jokes, the kind that start off and you never know where the punch-line is. Or rather WAS, as you realize the joke was on you!
Well 'scuse me. You were the dull one, the dumb one... having fallen for it. :P
My heart throbs for an imaginary knight in shining armour! Rhett Butler. Where art thou? And it's more than just a heart-ache. The skin on the back of my legs and arms hurt. I just epilated for the first time; it was a monstrous thing, really.
The whizzing machine with a thousand needles piercing the skin; biting and tearing barbarically into it. My epidermis is now more exposed and vunerable than ever. Atleast there had been an evergreen forest that had protected me; hair that always stood-on-end in wintry days like these! Now, I'm covered with tingling remnants, of what used to be hair-follicles. Now they are rashes.
Mental note: never epilate again, especially without a soothing aloe-gel on hand!
Coming to better things... Mom's back. She's gotten me a newer phone: android and not BB this time, from which I can blog. To add to that, there's this super-zoom bridge camera that shoots in RAW mode, rather like a DSLR but sans the lens-changing capabilities. It sure is the right thing for a rookie like me!

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