Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Little Things.

It's the little things on my
Mind right now,
The things that count,
And things which remind me
Of a higher power, indelibly
Watching over us as we play.

It's the little things that make me
Question, why people leave and not
Stay by us forever, and why the sun
Doesn't shine while it rains.
It's the little things that I miss,
What makes me sad and blue,
When I don't want to.
It's the little things that we don't
Often see enough to appreciate.

The Master, who heals us
From the hurts that life scrapes on
Our smooth mirrors;
It's a test of patience, and
Perseverance, for our faith
In His Grace should never wane.
He sets right all, that He has taken
And gives back in equal measure.

We ought to live, and
Thank Him for the beauty
He has graced our world with.
He provides for us with food,
And solace, to live and enjoy.
Mother nature has planned
To the greatest detail, our lives.
And little thoughts on His gifts
Would make all the difference.

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